When your organization is one person, there is a lot of freedom, but there is also a lot on the line. Vision, direction, motivation, practices and sensibilities all rest on your own shoulders. It’s all you. So, how to find a way forward? Three years ago, I never would have pictured myself an entrepreneur with a burgeoning business operating in a beautiful downtown Goshen studio space. In all honesty, before my business venture, my professional life resembled a pinball game, as I bounced around racking up experiential points, but lacking a clear (career) path forward. Following my graduation from Goshen College, I served in Montreal with Mennonite Voluntary Services (MVS) for a year, toured the country as a musician, worked in education with English as a second language (ESL) students, was part of an artist community and microchurch, before eventually moving into marketing and communications with the University of Virginia.

A generation or two ago, someone might backpack through Europe to “find themselves.” In my process of doing so, I struggled with a couple of cultural notions that were becoming increasingly burdensome:

Pick a career

This idea is embedded from an early age, as we are asked what we ...

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Painting A New Picture

A conversation about change and culture with Jeremy Kaufman VL: The word we’ve chosen to talk about today is change. Jeremy: Yes, we’re focusing on change, but in some ways you can’t ignore the culture aspect. You have to be able to change the culture to change the practice.   VL: Say more. Jeremy: I’ve …

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Slowing down to connect

Slowing down to connect A conversation about culture with Mark Leinbach VL: Can you describe a time when different rituals, values, images, roles, customs, foods, or expectations needed to be understood in order to work together? In my current role as Executive Director at SpringHaven, culture plays an important part in our daily rhythms. Our …

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Check your personal agenda at the door

A conversation on collaboration with Amy Bennett from Adriel School. Adriel School Inc., the ministry is, in actuality, a social service agency for children, rather than an educational institution. Adriel serves the whole child with foster care, independent living, adoption, residential treatment and a variety of family preservation programs..VL: The word we’re focusing on today …

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The Push to Stay Grounded

A discussion on character with Rachel Swartzendruber Miller……..VL: What do you believe are a few character traits that describe your organization, Hesston College? Rachel: Nurturing, friendly, supportive. This flows right out of our mission statement. Including the word ‘nurture’ in a mission statement is unique for an institution of higher education. This characteristic really speaks …

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